Building channels is easy.
To get started,  SEARCH for a song. Once you find the song you like, that will be the first song you +ADD to build your channel’s playlist.

Select SEARCH by tapping the + sign at the top right of the Channel Player panel. Or, on the MENU tap SEARCH.

You can search for songs by Artist Name, Album Title, and by Song Title. Simply enter the search term and  tap SEARCH on your keyboard.

Once you find the song you want, tap the +ADD text button to display the Dropdown.


Now the fun begins!  NAME IT. Give your channel a name.

Add a description, and add #Hashtags for sharing…

Next: SKIN IT. Tap the SKIN IT +box to select an image from your mobile phone’s archives, or shoot a new photo just for this channel.

Want to listen to your channel now? Tap LISTEN NOW.

Want to listen later? Tap BUILD A NEW CHANNEL.

There you go. You’ve built your first channel!

One song on your channel is cool.. but you should +ADD more. The more songs you add, the more the channel will sound the way you want it.

To add more songs, repeat the same process to SEARCH for your favorite songs to +ADD to your channel.

Speaking of Playlist: To display your channel’s Playlist, simply tap the name of your channel at the bottom of the channel Player.

This is where the channel playlist lives. On your channels, you can EDIT your channel’s information (title, description, and hashtags), add and remove songs from the channel too.

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